Robyn + Dylan

Robyn and Dylan truly had a unique wedding. Robyn, trained as a jazz vocalist, insisted on playing piano before leaving for the ceremony, which made for some of my favourite footage to edit. Her whole family is musical; her father and brother sang a hilarious duet as part of their speech, Robyn’s other brother and sister-in-law provided songs for the ceremony and first dance, and Robyn and Dylan sang a flawless rendition of “I Do” by Meiko during the reception – not to mention the jazz trio who provided the music for dancing! Her family are, by the sound of it, extremely competitive (in good fun) croquet players, which again made for some great footage during the bridesmaids prep time. Robyn and Dylan’s wedding was an absolute joy to film and edit and I’m thankful for the opportunity.

Music: “Cathedrals” by John Lucas, licensed under The Music Bed, LLC

Sunny + Rebecca

One year ago, I had the privilege to brainstorm and film with Sunny and Rebecca for their save-the-date video. At the time, I had the idea to ask them a few questions about how they met, what attracted them, etc. While these interviews never made their way onto the final save-the-date video, the question “When did you know you wanted to marry _______?” seemed to fit nicely into Sunny and Rebecca’s wedding story (also making this the first time they heard any of the interviews). It was an absolutely stunning wedding and I’m thrilled with the footage and excited to share this with you.

“Hold on to You” by Tyler Williams, licensed under The Music Bed, LLC
“Take Me Back (Neon Feather Remix)” by Urban Rescue, licensed under The Music Bed, LLC

Danny + Ashley | Next-Day Edit

I had an amazing time filming for Danny and Ashley at their remarkable and stunning wedding. This couple and everything about the day was just phenomenal. Honoured to have been a part of this incredible day and thrilled with the resulting next-day edit.

Edited by Robin Nuber.